Gravity Soft Serve

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33S (International Sales Only)

This high-volume, floor model single flavor soft serve freezer is great for ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, airport kiosks, markets and pubs.

Our highest-volume countertop freezer dispenses two flavors of soft serve yogurt, ice cream or sorbet with a twist. Perfect for buffets, yogurt and ice cream shops, zoos and amusement park kiosks.

This slim line soft serve machine produces the best-tasting gravity-fed frozen desserts…smooth, creamy and consistent yogurt, ice cream or sorbet! The 22″ wide footprint allows for more units in a smaller space. The SL500 is the perfect yogurt shop freezer and is great for adding flavors to ice cream shops, too! Great for QSRs, retirement villages and hospital cafeterias.

Our highest-volume floor model gravity soft serve machine features two flavors with a twist and is good for both self-serve or full service operations. Perfect for high-volume ice cream stores, QSRs, sports venues and buffets.